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Lord Of The Kill

Lord Of The Kill by Theodore Taylor

ISBN10: 0439559561
ISBN13: 978-0439559560
Author: Theodore Taylor
Book title: Lord Of The Kill
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks (July 1, 2004)
Language: English
Category: Literature & Fiction
Size PDF: 1828 kb
Size ePub: 1161 kb
Size Fb2: 1740 kb
Rating: 4.7/5
Votes: 293

Lord Of The Kill by Theodore Taylor

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In bestselling author Theodore Taylor's novel, a 16 year-old boy must take care of his family's wildlife preserve, while handling the kidnapping of one of the most dangerous tigers known to man.When a half-eaten body is found inside a locked jaguar cage, eighteen-year-old Ben Jepson knows it's no prank - someone is trying to make trouble for the Los Coyotes Big Cat Preserve and its manager, Ben's father. An outspoken conservationist, Dr. Jepson has made some powerful enemies.Ben's parents are on a tiger conservation mission deep in the jungle. Now Ben is the only one who can keep Los Coyotes running. But when his beloved tiger Dmitri, nicknamed "Lord of the Kill," is kidnapped, Ben must decide whether to wait for the authorities or to strike out on his own.


Loved the book, I've been looking for it since I was in the 5th grade

I got this book for a report and it was by far a terrible choice. I had to stop reading it was so gruesome. Curse words, inappropriate plot and story, stopped reading completely and switch authors, books, and genre's. THIS BOOK IS TERRIBLE! I also spents 10$ on a new book that was actually USED.What a waste. >:(

happy light
If you liked the book The Cay by Theodore Taylor, you would probably enjoy the book Lord of the Kill.

Lord of the Kill is set in Los Coyotes Cat Preserve, and Ben is the main character of the story. Ben has loved cats ever since he was very little. He gets to see cats a lot because his dad works at Los Coyotes. Ben has a grand adventure with the cats but has many problems with them too.

Someone is trying to "get at" something or someone at the Los Coyotes Preserve. When a dead body is found in a cat compound, Ben knows something's up. Also, when a killer tiger gets kidnapped, Ben and his friends have to find a way to save it! However, Ben's parents are in India. Also, Ben and his friends don't know who kidnapped the killer tiger! Ben thinks that the Chinese or the Triads did it. The Triads are a group of people that take animals and kill them to make medicine. Therefore, the story is exciting, tense, and mysterious.

Theodore Taylor really describes the story so you understand how a character feels and what the mood is. He makes you feel like you're there and a part of the story. For example he writes, "This particular drippy, foggy morning in early June, Ben was puzzled by the silence of the canyon." However, some parts of the book I would just feel bored because the author would just keep repeating key elements. The good thing is, after the boring parts, it would get exciting again.

This book is a wonderful book to read if you enjoy sad and tense scenes, mysterious phone calls, and a killer tiger on the loose. I enjoyed this book very much and hope you do too.

Ben's parents have left on a trip to India to do a story about Bengal tiger poachers. Ben's father is a conservationist that has made many people mad with his actions to stop the illegal killing of tigers. They leave Ben, their 18-year-old son in charge of the family's Los Coyotes Big Cat Preserve. Ben handles the responsibility well, and the job is easy, until someone breaks into the preserve.

One night when Ben is inspecting the grounds he finds that all the big-cats are silent. He knows something is not right. When he gets to cage Number Twelve, the home of two vicious jaguars he finds a half eaten corpse. He finds someone had placed the body inside the cage. Soon, his favorite tiger, Dmitri "Lord of the Kill," is stolen. Someone wants to get revenge on Ben's father, and it is up to Ben to find out whom.

"Lord of the Kill" was a thrilling mystery in which there were many suspects as to who kidnapped Dmitri and who put the corpse in the jaguar's cage. Ben was a great protagonist that had quite a few hurdles to overcome in the book. Not only was he struggling with the events at Los Coyotes Big Cat Preserve, he was also dealing with the idea of college and staying in school for his senior year.

Reviewed by S. Cassel for Flamingnet Book Reviews, [...]

What a disappointment! Sniper is my favorite book by Theodore Taylor; in it, 15-year-old Ben Jepson is left in charge of his parents' big cat preserve while his parents visit Africa. Then his parents disappear and someone begins shooting the cats. It's a thrilling story that holds up to re-reading; my copy is in tatters. However, this book reads less like a sequel and more like a re-write of the first book. In it, 16-year-old Ben is left in charge of his parents' big cat preserve while his parents visit India. Then his parents disappear and someone begins causing trouble for the preserve. It's not a thrilling story this time around, and Taylor introduces too many new characters (such as the secretary) who weren't in the first book, while leaving out characters (such as Ben's girlfriend) who should be in the second book. Plus, Ben is 16--why is he entering his senior year of high school? Plus, half of the book is printed in italics for no apparent reason, except to annoy the reader. Skip this one. It wasn't even worth the $1.25 I spent on it.

A half eaten girl is found and locked up in a jaguar cage.

It was a girl from the streets of China Town it was a message from the Triads.

Lord of the Kill by Theodore Taylor is about a kid named Ben who has a tiger preserve to run, he is 18 years old and his parents are somewhere in a jungle in India. Triads are threat the preserve because Ben's father told the Hong Kong police about the shipment of animal medicine that animals were killed to make the medicine.

The book is a good vs. bad book. That one side is trying to save exotic animals and the other is killing animals for medicine.

Ben is scared so he caries a colt. Ben has been getting messages from the Triads that they are threatening him because of Ben's dad that he told the Hong Kong police about the shipment of medicine mad from animals.

I feel bad that Ben has to deal with a big problem. That Ben has lots of problems to deal with. For example: his parents are in a jungle lost and hasn't heard from them.

The writing is very mysteries that there are lots of mysteries. An example is there is a body in a cage with the jaguars.

I recommend this book to people that like mysteries books.

I haven't read Sniper but this was the sequel and it was excellent. This takes place one year later. Bens parents are on the run again. This time in India. Ben is left incharge of the cat preserve and mysterious things are happening. Murder has taken place and two very wild Jaguars are blamed. In the person who was murdereds pocket there is a green hand. This is pointed at the tiger-medicine fund and Traids. The murder is posed as a threat to his father and threatening messages are left on the answering machine. Ben is trying to crack the case about who's trying to get rid of the perserve and shut down some zoo slaughter houses on his way. Great for the young adult.