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Thin Air (Star Trek: New Earth, Book 5)

Thin Air (Star Trek: New Earth, Book 5) by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

ISBN10: 067178577X
ISBN13: 978-0671785772
Author: Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Book title: Thin Air (Star Trek: New Earth, Book 5)
Publisher: Pocket Books/Star Trek; First edition (August 1, 2000)
Language: English
Category: Science Fiction
Size PDF: 1576 kb
Size ePub: 1614 kb
Size Fb2: 1184 kb
Rating: 4.7/5
Votes: 157

Thin Air (Star Trek: New Earth, Book 5) by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Many light-years away from the safety of the Federation, the Starship EnterpriseĀ™ stands guard over an alien world whose unique natural resources could change the balance of power throughout the galaxy. The ship's crucial assignment: to maintain a Federation presence on the Planet below, to defend the world's newly arrived inhabitants from hostile aliens, and to fight a solitary battle against all who would claim the planet's riches for their own. Thin Air Against all odds, Kirk and his crew have preserved the struggling Federation colony on Belle Terre, but their heroic efforts may have been in vain In a last-ditch attempt to drive the entrenched settlers off their new home, the alien Kauld have contaminated the planet's atmosphere with a destructive biochemical agent that will soon render the entire world inimical to human life. With only weeks to spare, Spock races to find a scientific solution to their dire predicament, while Kirk takes the battle to the enemy, determined to wrest the secret of their salvation from the very forces out to destroy the future of this new Earth!


Tyler Is Not Here
If you're reading the Star Trek New Earth six-book trilogy like I'm foolhardy enough to be doing, then Thin Air is a breath of fresh air when to compared to its four predecessors. Now, having said that, this book, as far as Star Trek yarns go is only mediocre.
The writing of Rusch & Smith moves along at a comfortable pace and the characters stay within character and are standard-issue Star Fleet. Uhura, Sulu and Scotty play minor roles, as it should be. The "bad guy" is a Kauld silicone gel that gradully replaces the air on the planet Belle Terre. The menace is creative and the solution plays out rather well.
The things I could've done without: * The whole part about Tegan and her son. Who cares? This bit added nothing to the whole and actually could've been a useless sub-plot in books 2, 3 & 4. * I'm getting tired of evacuating the colonists every book. And Govenor Pardonnet seemed busy but not as abrasive. Is he just tired or mellowing out? * Scotty's plan to cripple the Kauld battle fleet was a great idea but I doubt he could've done it in 10 minutes. It came off a wee bit hokey, m'lad.
Anyway, if you survived the first four books where I'm sure the authors got paid by the word with an additional dime for every extra adjective they used, then this is your treat. Read it and thank your god that there is ONLY one more book to go!

This is the 5th book of set of 6. It is better than a few of the previous books, particularly the third which was weak. As the other books, this book will stand alone but it is good to have read them all in sequence. The stories thread together and manage to keep coming up with new and different problems to be solved.
In this book, through a sneaky suicide run, the Kauld contaminated the planet's soil early on in the fourth book unknown to everyone on the settler's planet, which Kirk has heroically saved from total destruction twice before. After a few monthes as the damage is exponentially worsening, Spock detects the problem and the planet needs saving again without much time to accomplish it.
This is another good read for Star Trek fans with the famous chemistry between the Enterprise's crew, plus a few other interesting character.

The fact that it is a Star Trek book means I love it. I enjoyed the entire series of these books. It made for very enjoyable reading.

good read

The story continues in book 5 of 6 in this mini series.


As advertised. Great condition.

This fifth book in the Star Trek New Earth series, "Thin Air" more or less comes as a breath of "fresh" air as it falls in line with a typical novel written by these two excellent authors, Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith. Up to this point in the New Earth series, despite the overall premise being an extraordinarily interesting one, the execution of the premise has been plodding and just plain difficult to get through. "Thin Air," is a quick read entailing a very intriguing plot device for Captain Kirk and crew to get through.
Keeping in line with the Star Trek releases at the time of this novels release, the cover art for the novel is quite beautiful. That's the funny thing about the whole New Earth series; the cover art for all of them up to them has been quite outstanding which has been quite the opposite of what's inside most of the books.
The premise:
After dealing with the massive laser beam fired at Belle Terre in the previous novel, "The Flaming Arrow," Captain Kirk and crew now find that they must deal with an even more insidious attack upon Belle Terre by the Kauld. As the previous novel "The Flaming Arrow" opened up, The Kauld had sent a single battle barge at Belle Terre, which was headed straight for the planet and when the Enterprise attacked it, it didn't put up a fight at all. The Kauld battle barge was destroyed in the upper atmosphere of Belle Terre.
Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise now find that Belle Terre will soon be completely uninhabitable if they do not come up with a way of stopping these Kauld nanoassemblers from turning Belle Terre's own soil into a siliconic gel that will suffocate every living being on the planet.
Of all of the Star Trek New Earth titles up to this point, "Thin Air" is only second to "The Flaming Arrow" in intensity and intrigue. I was especially intrigued by the plot device of the siliconic gel, which is what Science Fiction is all about. As an individual novel, I highly recommend this title. {ssintrepid}