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The Temple of Truth (Dumarest of Terra)

The Temple of Truth (Dumarest of Terra) by E. C. Tubb

ISBN10: 0886770599
ISBN13: 978-0886770594
Author: E. C. Tubb
Book title: The Temple of Truth (Dumarest of Terra)
Publisher: DAW (July 2, 1985)
Language: English
Category: Fantasy
Size PDF: 1920 kb
Size ePub: 1250 kb
Size Fb2: 1446 kb
Rating: 4.6/5
Votes: 820

The Temple of Truth (Dumarest of Terra) by E. C. Tubb

Earl Dumarest travels to the world of the Guardians in hopes of finding information about the legendary planet, Earth, but is pursued by the Cyclan, who hope to steal his body-switching formula


This is one of the great series in Science Fiction, running over 30 years in 33 books. I have been following the series over the years getting the paperbacks as I found them, 26 in all. Now I can get the remaining issues to complete the series as ebooks.
These are prime examples of 70's and 80's Science Fiction, a period I like, when it was developing from its gadget orientated beginnings with cardboard cutout characters, and at the same time was not bogged down with the "politically correct" orientation that too much of it has today.
The universe Tubb has created here, with the Cyclan particularly, as well as the diverse environments is awesome. I enjoyed every one of the books. And they are good enough that you will want to reread them.

I seem to recall reading, decades ago, a different and much shorter conclusion to the Dumarest saga...he made it back to Earth and discovered the location of the Cyclan brain storage facility and methodically destroyed it by trashing the individual containers, thereby ending the Cyclan intergalactic empire. I would love to "rediscover" a copy of the older ending.

Good, old-fashioned adventurous SF.

Takes him one step closer to earth. If you like E. C. Tubb or Edgar Rice Burroughs, you'll enjoy it.

The Temple of Truth is one of the Dumarest of Terra series I read them all and all these books are thrilling