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Into the Fire (Playaway Adult Fiction)

Into the Fire (Playaway Adult Fiction) by Patrick Girard Lawlor,Renee Raudman,Suzanne Brockmann

ISBN10: 1441810870
ISBN13: 978-1441810878
Author: Patrick Girard Lawlor,Renee Raudman,Suzanne Brockmann
Book title: Into the Fire (Playaway Adult Fiction)
Publisher: Findaway World (September 1, 2009)
Language: English
Category: Romantic Suspense
Size PDF: 1689 kb
Size ePub: 1850 kb
Size Fb2: 1359 kb
Rating: 4.1/5
Votes: 897

Into the Fire (Playaway Adult Fiction) by Patrick Girard Lawlor,Renee Raudman,Suzanne Brockmann

Vinh Murphy former Marine and onetime operative for the elite security firm Troubleshooters Incorporated has been MIA ever since his wife, Angelina, was caught in a crossfire and killed during what should have been a routine bodyguard assignment. Overcome with grief, Murphy blames the neo-Nazi group known as the Freedom Network for her death. Now, years later, Freedom Network leader Tim Ebersole has been murdered and the FBI suspects Murphy may have pulled the trigger. Murphy himself cant be sure what he did or didnt do during the years he spent mourning and lost in an alcohol-induced fog. He does know he occasionally sought solace from Hannah Whitfield, a former police officer and the very friend whod introduced him to his beloved late wife.


Out of the park!!! I was so not looking forward to this particular book about Vinh. I didn't see how him torn up over his wife's death would interest me again, but let tell you the book was awesome. True love wins out of course along with suspense and intrigue.
Also this book tells us more about Izzy and his new interest in Eden, Gillman's sister; and what was going on with Nash and Tess.
You don't want to miss this book

One of the female characters is only 18 years old. That's a major ick factor for me. I think I'm going to skip the rest of it and go on to the next one.

I have read every book in this series and greatly enjoyed them. I couldn't wait for the next book to come out. Therefore I was sadly disappointed in this book. To me it was a total departure from the author's usual style of writting. Instead of one or two main issues or problems, she had every single charactor have a major meltdown! It was like the entire company had suddenly become so disfuntional they couldn't even work together. It's amazing how they functioned for the last 7 years since Angelina died.

How do you recover from the chaos created in this book and suddenly move forward? I just felt she went to far with several of the charactors and the end result was the book was spread out all over the place. I purchased the next book prior to reading this, so I have just started reading it hoping she has gone back to her past style of writing.

Love this book! It was really a turning pt in the series - so many story arcs were either started or fleshed out. It was interesting having a heroine with a disability. In fact, I really like how SB handled both Murphy and Hannah - they had a lot of external and internal issues to overcome and were really great people, but also had some fairly significant character flaws.

I have to say, however, that of all the books in the series - this one makes me dislike Dan Gillman the most. Overall I think she redeems him (mostly) by the time Breaking the Rules comes around, but it was touchy for awhile.

Twenty words required but what more to say than this was a good book. Six more words required. Enough said

I really have enjoyed reading the Troubleshooters series. This was one of the books I read out of order years ago. Even though Ms. Brochmann does a good job of covering the story so a reader doesn't have to read all the books, by reading the series in order, it really helps clear up a lot of the back story. I know it is a lot of books, but I really suggest to any readers to start at the beginning.

I checked the author's website yesterday and came upon the statement that the cliffhanger will be picked up in the next book, "Into the Dark", so readers might want to keep that in mind. My husband and I read books together; he's really had trouble with the amount of "chick stuff" in this book, as he calls it - lots of "interior" character introspection - along with less action, less humor, and more confusing frequent locale/action shifts than the previous books.

I don't think SB laid the foundation for Hannah & Murphy's romance, nor did I feel the emotional connection with them that I have with her other couples.

I did enjoy Izzy & Eden and hope more will develop with them in future books. There's potential there for a great story arc. But had I known this was sort of a two-book story going in, I probably would have waited until "Into the Dark" was published and bought them both at once.

And, Suzanne, if you're reading this: please include more about SEAL ops & culture in your novels if your characters will let you.

This book was insanely good! It was awesome to see how so many past characters and story lines came together to make such an incredible book! This is a very big book in more ways than one! This may be the 13th book in this series but this series just keeps getting bigger and better! Can not wait to see what happens next! I love this author and this series! Will be extremely sad when I am done with it all! :)