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Medical Student's Pocket Reference

Medical Student's Pocket Reference by Ken Bookstein

ISBN10: 096606450X
ISBN13: 978-0966064506
Author: Ken Bookstein
Book title: Medical Student's Pocket Reference
Publisher: Bookstein Publishing; 1 edition (September 23, 1997)
Size PDF: 1593 kb
Size ePub: 1487 kb
Size Fb2: 1445 kb
Rating: 4.6/5
Votes: 778

Medical Student's Pocket Reference by Ken Bookstein



Okay, you're standing there at rounds in a post-call daze, you and your whole white-coated team gathered around the mystery patient du jour, and somebody questions "kala azar." In the sort of horror so familiar to medical trainees, you recall that a disease named kala azar exists, but beyond that you draw a total blank. So you reach in your pocket and casually, not quite covertly, pull out Dr. Bookstein's book and check the index. Page 250. Where you find the section about leishmaniasis, and you skim for a moment until the floodgates of memory open and you recall the mumbling tropical medicine professor, and the slides of the parasite in the RE cells, and sandflies, and you recall too that the patient had travelled in India, and suddenly you are transformed from post-call moron to the glowing Star of Rounds.
This is what Dr. Bookstein's book does the best: it jogs the memory, while providing enough hard data to fill in many if not all the blanks. And it does so remarkably well; it is difficult to find a disorder that is not at least mentioned (and usually discussed) in this physically tiny book (322 pages, 5 oz). The information density is incredible, exceeding any other medical text I have seen and approaching that of The Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. This is achieved in part by judicious writing/editing and in part by minuscule (but still readable) print.
The book is arranged in outline form, and is easy to navigate and often fun to browse. There is even a thoughtful essay on the future of medical education, in the back where it might be too easily missed.
The only unfortunate aspect of this book is its title. Sure, we are ALL students of medicine from professor on down, but the title may make interns and residents reluctant to use the book, which would be a pity. NOBODY knows it all, and nobody can lug around a full-scale medical text. Dr. Bookstein's book is the best all-round medical brain supplement I know, and if you don't tuck it in the pocket of your white coat (where it fits quite nicely), there will surely come a time when you wish you had.

As a resident i obviously use different kinda books and guides than med students. going through all my books resently i found this pocket guide i used to carry around as a med student. it did help me a lot. in 21 century with PDAs and commonly used 5min clinical consult this book is WAY better. i am sure if it will come out in PDA/Pocket PC format it will become pretty popular among med students again.