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All Too Human: A Political Education

All Too Human: A Political Education by George Stephanopoulos

ISBN10: 0091800633
ISBN13: 978-0091800635
Author: George Stephanopoulos
Book title: All Too Human: A Political Education
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company; Limited 1st edition; First Printing edition (1999)
Language: English
Category: Politics & Government
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Size Fb2: 1493 kb
Rating: 4.9/5
Votes: 947
Pages: 462 pages

All Too Human: A Political Education by George Stephanopoulos

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George Stephanopoulos is the Patti Boyd of politics, that is Boyd inspired great songs such as George Harrison's Something and Eric Clapton's Layla (amongst others) while Stephanopoulos is said to be basis for great characters in Primary Colors and The West Wing.

Stephanopoulos writes well (as I guess you would expect he is a Rhodes' Scholar, communications professional and is as sharp as a tack) and is an engaging protagonist. Some of his colourful descriptions "a sausage of a man" made me chuckle.

What is also great is that he doesn't pretend that he is without fault, which gives the impression that he is being candid. He also gives a nuanced picture of people, sometimes he has contempt, other times he is complimentary.

Such a well written, informative, and amazing story. I couldn't put the book down it was so interesting. George was just as hard on himself than he was others - insightful is a better word. He does take responsibility! Too bad Clinton never really could until he had to! Still, Clinton accomplished so much during his years in the White House and I give thanks to George for helping me be able to see both sides of his years and accomplishments of this president.

Excellent read. This book gave such an honest and unbiased look into the workings of the White House under the Clinton administration. This is not a "gossip fest." It is a truly well written, classy book that Mr. Stephanopoulos wrote to tell of his years working closely with President Clinton. He gives credit where credit is due, but doesn't fail to tell about all of the shortcomings that President Clinton had.

In 1999 George Stephanopoulos decided the public would be interested in his lengthy memoir. I waited eleven years to read it, bought it used, discovered it to be well-written, funny, candid, and now timely, as we compare the Bush and Obama administrations in 2010.

After the predictable story of his birth, Greek heritage, teen years, college and his increasing ambition to be "somebody"; the book comes alive with details of his one year on the campaign trail with Bill and Hillary Clinton at the tender age of thirty. He made himself so indispensable to the campaign(his opinion) by catering to the Clintons and expressing loyalty in unique ways; so his reward was a job in the White House where he spent four years at their beck and call. He became press secretary, then advisor, confidant, and friend, until......

George's analysis of the Clinton years and his complete devotion to the Clintons which led to clinical depression; his fear of competition (Dick Morris and others) and fear of failure, is, in essence, what makes this self-serving memoir so readable. His energy was fueled by power and in the end, he became "the enemy". Accused of leaking stories, given the silent treatment by the Clintons, he resigns and returns to a more normal life with an unbelievable tale to tell the voting public.

Presently, the author is an anchor on Good Morning America, on his way again to higher ambitions, but now more mature and patient as both a husband and father. In this memoir, he disparages himself often, details his mistakes, appears to be naive and humble at times and also resorts to self-pity. He also makes many familiar names, such as Al Gore, more well-known, maybe not as they want to be.

Apparently the Clintons took his youth and loyalty for granted but kept him on with deep reservations, only to be shocked later with this telling book! It is a political education taking us back to the Clinton years and leaving the reader with impressions to think about seriously.

I really enjoyed the book, well-written, insightful. I thought your author did and excellent job of being fair while writing about a very controversial time in our history. Is deep affection and respect for Clinton came through, while he was able to be very honest and fair about his assessment of his character.

I was pleasantly surprised that George Stephanopoulos inserts his uncensored thoughts about his upward progress on the political ladder. He doesn't seem to hesitate to reveal his unflattering character traits which had the ironic effect of making this reader appreciate his unassuming tv personality. Highly entertaining to politicos of any party.

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Not really sure what this was suppose to be written for. Author gave highlights on his life in the White House and with President Bill Clinton. Never sure what his opinions were on the goings on in the White House.

Stephanopolous has indeed smacked Clinton hard with this tell-almost-all tome, and his future credibility with employers -- if there is anything to karma -- will suffer. However, given Clinton's staggeringly consistent ability to tell lie after lie after lie, I'm happy to watch a former staffer or two who feels that their time was not well spent by ardently and repeatedly defending a dishonest man.
I am a former campaign staffer and a former administration worker bee -- neither at GS' level -- but his detailing of the trials of those endeavors ring very true, are entertaining, and well crafted. He's a good writer, he's as hard on himself as he is on others (harder, perhaps), and he seems to have written something that the much-vaunted Clinton attack team (that GS once staffed) hasn't been able to knock down. Remember when Robert Reich wrote Locked In The Cabinet? The Clintonites did a great job of tearing apart several of his recollections, casting doubt on his story of a President eager to discard his values.
This hasn't happened here. It probably won't. This rings true. Laced with betrayal, but true.
Nicely done, George.