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International Business: Environments and Operations

International Business: Environments and Operations by Lee H. Radebaugh,John D. Daniels

ISBN10: 0201157470
ISBN13: 978-0201157475
Author: Lee H. Radebaugh,John D. Daniels
Book title: International Business: Environments and Operations
Publisher: Addison-Wesley; 5th edition (January 1989)
Language: English
Category: Business & Finance
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Rating: 4.1/5
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Pages: 14 pages

International Business: Environments and Operations by Lee H. Radebaugh,John D. Daniels


Overall, this textbook has a lot of merit and is chock-full of very useful information, and many cited sources. However, it does have its flaws too. I will begin with the positive points as I also describe the textbook's overall features. I will then touch on the two main negative points, and close by explaining the context of my review.


On the positive side, the chapters all begin and end with excellent case studies. The range of subjects covered throughout the textbook is excellent because it introduces just about every topic you would need to know when engaging in international business (especially from an operations standpoint). The Table of Contents is as follows:

PART ONE: Background for International Business
...1 Globalization and International Business

PART TWO: Comparative Environmental Frameworks
...2 The Cultural Environments Facing Business
...3 The Political and Legal Environments Facing Business
...4 The Economic Environments Facing Businesses
...5 Globalization and Society

PART THREE: Theories and Institutions: Trade and Investment
...6 International Trade and Factor-Mobility Theory
...7 Governmental Influence on Trade
...8 Cross-National Cooperation and Agreements

PART FOUR: World Financial Environment
...9 Global Foreign-Exchange Markets
..10 The Determination of Exchange Rates

PART FIVE: Global Strategy, Structure, and Implementation
..11 The Strategy of International Business
..12 Country Evaluation and Selection
..13 Export and Import
..14 Direct Investment and Collaborative Strategies
..15 The Organization of International Business

PART SIX: Managing International Operations
..16 Marketing Globally
..17 Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management
..18 International Accounting Issues
..19 The Multinational Finance Function
..20 International Human Resources

(This list was copied/casted from the "Brief Contents" using the Kindle edition of International Business: Environments & Operations (14th Edition).)

The two case studies used within each of these chapters increases the value of each chapter, significantly. It is always fascinating to read about the real-world challenges and opportunities within the global business environment if you are a person interested in this field.

Additionally, each chapter contains a "Point/Counterpoint" section that takes opposite views of some of the controversial topics being covered, which permits the reader to view the issues from the extremes. Of course, the truth about controversial subjects is often found somewhere in the middle. Nevertheless, by providing the extreme viewpoints you are better equipped to find the middle ground on such issues.

Another interesting feature of this textbook is the "Concept Check" features in the sidebars. This provides a cross-referencing of concepts being explained in one place with related or original explanations in other chapters. This is especially helpful if your class happens to skip a chapter here and there (which mine did) because you are provided a short explanation of these ideas. You are also notified which chapters in which you can find additional information on those subjects (without having to search for it).


On the negative side, the biggest shortcoming of this textbook is its typographical errors. Words are sometimes missing from sentences, or sometimes conflicting words are present. Occasionally, homophones do occur, as well. Being a published author myself, I am quite sure that all of these issues arose from having multiple authors and multiple edits of the text. Nevertheless, it is quite cumbersome to have to re-read a sentence in order to mentally "edit" it enough to understand their point. So the authors or publisher would do well to run this through another round of careful professional editing.

I would have also preferred a stronger bias toward the Austrian School of Economics within the economics chapter (which was mentioned in one sentence only) and overall tone of the textbook since that is the ONLY school of economic thought that both predicted the current global crisis and explained its true causes. Nevertheless, the overall Neo-Classical approach of the textbook is sufficiently "free market" oriented to make the textbook useful, and they do give the reader a fairly useful description of the various economic system types in the economics chapter.


I already have obtained my Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) certification from NASBITE through my existing collegiate credits and autodidactic research. However, I am now am working on my degree in this field in order to further my knowledge and academic credentials in international business.

Consequently, I had to purchase this textbook for a senior-level undergraduate course in International Business Operations. The authors of the textbook mention that it is also used in some MBA programs, and given the scope and depth of the subject matter I can certainly see why that would be the case.

Lastly, I recommend the Kindle edition for cost savings, speed of delivery, and simplicity for quotation when writing. (This latter benefit is especially important if you are buying this textbook for a university course as it will save you a lot of time when writing your assignments.)

Great insight into outer business cultures.

This book didn't do much for me as an international business book. They keep coming out with new editions every year and changes are subtle.

Outstanding book! I purchased this after having taken a course using an e-version. I am using it for further study and reference. Very helpful!

The access card is completely worthless without your instructor's participation!
Spent the extra money for nothing, my instructor didn't even know what I was talking about when I asked for the access code.
Doesn't say much for the sales rep.

It was at my door a several days earlier than expected. That's always a nice suprise. Especially when your a grad student that waits till the second week of class to order the book.

fire dancer
Delivered as
Promised. Book in great condition.

good item