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The Psychic Adventures of Derek Acorah: TV's Number One Psychic

The Psychic Adventures of Derek Acorah: TV's Number One Psychic

ISBN10: 0007214669
ISBN13: 978-0007214662
Book title: The Psychic Adventures of Derek Acorah: TV's Number One Psychic
Publisher: Harper Thorsons
Language: English
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The Psychic Adventures of Derek Acorah: TV's Number One Psychic


I have read all but one of the books that international Medium Derek Acorah has written so far as I am a strong fan of his. I must mention that all of his books are available on Amazon.com. Yes, I too am a Medium, but that does not mean that I still can't learn and enjoy reading about other gifted people. I have seen Derek in action, and I must say he is one of the world's best. In all of his books, including this one, Derek brings you to the mysterious world of ghosts, spirits and haunting. He goes way beyond that and tells of his life and personal experiences which I find fascinating as will everyone who reads this. He is so good and in demand that he has had many successful T.V. shows including "Most Haunted", Derek Acorah's Ghost Town's" and is currently the star of his new show: "Paranormal Eygpt", which I have watched and found that I wish my own abilities were as good as his. I recommend this great book, written in a down to earth style and contain true stories. Reading his works make me wish to some day meet & perhaps work with him. This book for me gets five stars! David Baker, Medium: [...] ASIN:1421899450 The Spirit Garden: A Medium's Journey]]

Anyone who is a fan of The Travel Channel's "Most Haunted" and "Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns" will enjoy getting to know Derek better through his series of books. He's a charming man with an easy writing style who considers his gift "just a normal part of my everyday life" and he doesn't feel the need to try and shove paranormal dogma down anyone's throat.

"The Psychic Adventures of Derek Acorah" begins with a brief history of who he is and how his introduction to the psychic world came to be, then chronicles many of his adventures within the UK. Some of the stories, like his encounter with Mary Queen of Scots and a malicious spirit who attacked his energy field are fascinating, while others, like his chapter on bereavement are heartwarming and informative.

I read the book in one sitting, immediately ordered his two other books, and have already pre-ordered the latest offering, Haunted Britain, which should be available the end of March. If the Most Haunted and Ghost Towns DVD's were available for American audiences, which sadly, they are not, I'd truly be a happy camper.

Having watched Most Haunted on The Travel Channel, I have always been fascinated with Derek Acorah. This book truly does open your eyes to what it is like to be him everyday: from being stopped while on vacation to perform readings for people he does not know to seeing time and places which no longer exist while simply getting coffee. Acorah writes in a simple format which does not take away from his passion or eloquence concerning the subject of the spirit world. Definitely a very interesting, entertaining read!

The book was an interesting read. An interesting insight into a very likable person in the psychic world.
Would recommend it for anyone interested in Derek Acorah or the topic of psychic work.


Derek Acorah is one of Britain's most famous psychic mediums and is well known as a result of his TV shows. This book is a must for anyone interested in parapsychology or the world of spirit. Acorah here traces his career as a clairvoyant and medium and the many contacts he has had with those in the spirit world.

When Derek was a child he was frightened a man on the stairs of his home, and told his mother and grandmother who showed him a picture of his late grandfather who died before Derek was born. Derek identified the photograph as being that of the man he met on the stairs and his grandmother affirmed that "He's the next. Derek will be the next person in the family to work for the spirit"

The author describes his 'people friendly' spiritualism' , and his work in spiritualist churches, as well as his famous TV shows such as 'Most Haunted', his connection with people who have passed to the spirit side and have wanted to communicate with the loved ones they have left behind. As Acorah explains nobody really dies, but simply passes from the physical ream to the world of sprit. In many cases people's lives have been changed for the better on advice of their departed loved ones when they have been summoned by Acorah and have told their living relatives what they needed to know. This makes for some very moving anecdotes. Acorah describes his relationships with his invaluable spirit guide, Sam, who he had known in a life two thousand years before in Ethiopia.

Acorah describes his meetings with Jack the Ripper's victims, and his revelations of who The ripper may have been, definitely someone from a genteel background, and that there ware copycat murders at the time based on his actions.

He decribes his encounters with King Charles I and Mary , queen of Scots, and others who had played parts in their lives such as the malignant Amyas Paulet, whose name was announced to Acorah by Sam, and other nasty spirits such as Edmund, Earl of Lancaster.
Acorah predicted that Mary , queen of Scots would soon reappear on the ramparts of Tutbury Castle, which was confirmed by Lesley Smith, curator of the Castle a few months later. The spirit of Mary did return and was seen by a number of people.

Acorah has described how the spirits enter the physical ream through a 'spiritual doorway' or vortex, and has had to close these vortex doorways from time to time to give peace to people being disturbed. Acorah has also helped many trapped spirits ascend to the light, from being trapped in the physical realm, such as the heart wrenching story of the spirit of twelve year old girl Derek came across at Auld Reekie Castle at Edinburgh , who had been cruelly treated by her master, and had succumbed to death from the plague. He helped her sad should to ascend to the realm of light.
Fans of Coronation Street will be delighted to read who Derek spoke to the ghosts of Elsie Tanner, Ena Sharples and Annie Walker .
But this digest is not only a book of anecdotes-it is also a valuable guide-Acorah Cora in the digest how: " The most difficult part of our lives here on this earthly plane is when the time comes for us to part physical company with people who have meant so much to us. At the time of their passing into the world of spirit, many of us are left feeling as though we are unable to come to terms with the fact that our loved one have passed on.
In fact they have moved on physically but but they have not gone away from us, they have merely progressed into another realm-the spirit realm. They have shed their earthly garb but still remain with us, unseen to the physical eye".
He also details how he has dealt with various poltergeists including a difficult one at Penny Lane.
Definitely a fascinating read, and a definite must for anyone interested in the subject matter.