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Michael Jackson 2012 Square 12x12 Wall Calendar

Michael Jackson 2012 Square 12x12 Wall Calendar by BrownTrout Publishers Inc

ISBN10: 1421690896
ISBN13: 978-1421690896
Author: BrownTrout Publishers Inc
Book title: Michael Jackson 2012 Square 12x12 Wall Calendar
Publisher: BrownTrout Publishers; Wal edition (2011)
Language: English
Category: Calendars Planners & Personal Organizers
Size PDF: 1835 kb
Size ePub: 1951 kb
Size Fb2: 1179 kb
Rating: 4.8/5
Votes: 753

Michael Jackson 2012 Square 12x12 Wall Calendar by BrownTrout Publishers Inc


i don't care what anyone says, mj was one HOT guy!!! you guys will love this calendar, there's so many nice pics of him and details about his bad tour and album. a trip down memory lane of what his career was like during this era. never mind the justin bieber and taylor swift calendars (and i'm not hating) THIS is the calendar to get!!! all of us from the 80s...remember the bad album on cassette??? it's been 25 years!!! get it, you'll love it. this is for ALL mj fans no matter when you became a fan.

Being a 70 year old grandmother, I shall ALWAYS LOVE Michael, and this beautiful calendar is a way to always see his beautiful face, and remember how talented he was. Michael displayed his myriad of talents with grace, dignity, and charm, and endured way too much in this world. But the calendar is a wonderful way to "connect" with his beauty and talent FOREVER!

Darlene from Kansas, the "Land of OZ"

LOVE this calendar....

1. love that it is so big!! there are some awesome close-up pics of MJ.
2. love that on each page there is a picture of MJ on the actual calendar date page as well as the big one over the calendar page.
3. love the bubbly handwriting of the month titles.

this is an awesome calendar!! would definitely recommend to any MJ fan :)

First let me say, Amazon is EXCELLENT in Super Fast shipping! I ordered my calendar two days ago and it came today! I was very disappointed in the 2011 MJ Calendar I received because it had no dates or anything written on the calendar. BUT, this one for 2012 is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! Fantastic pictures and it shows Michael as Michael. I'm a huge fan and looking at the AWESOME calendar had me in tears! He is truly missed!

I love this calender and buy one every year.Great pictures and perfect size. I collect M.J. and i,am always looking for something new to add to my collection. My daughter purchased me the same calender to put away and keep sealed.This company always has the best price.Thank You....

Yearly calendars such as this is a perfect way to remember and keep Michael's spirit alive. I will order every calendar year after year. Definitely recommend this to every true MJ fan out there. Well worth the price, and definitely priceless. A must have.

On the 25th anniversary of BAD, this calendar is quite the tribute. The tour dates are listed as they occurred on the calendar. The pictures are high quality, and all gorgeous of course. I wasn't sure before I bought this calendar since it's not "official" but it really is good. I'm very, very happy with it and of course I recommend it.

Very beautiful calendar, amazing photos, all related with Bad ERa..
If you like to see Michael Jackson every day, this is the item. Very well packed.
a must for every MJ fan