The Secret Hour

The Secret Hour by Barrett Whitener,Luanne Rice

ISBN10: 0792728254
ISBN13: 978-0792728252
Author: Barrett Whitener,Luanne Rice
Book title: The Secret Hour
Publisher: Chivers Sound Library; Unabridged edition (February 1, 2003)
Language: English
Category: Mystery
Size PDF: 1444 kb
Size ePub: 1922 kb
Size Fb2: 1380 kb
Rating: 4.6/5
Votes: 251

The Secret Hour by Barrett Whitener,Luanne Rice

Complete and unabridged audiobook on compact disc. Includes 10 CDs.


I don't know how I never discovered this author until recently. I love the way she writes, so easy to read, and not many grammatical mistakes, which are so distracting as you're speeding along, because you just can't put this book down. Luanne Rice is my favorite new author, and I'm steadily working my way through all of her novels. Not disappointed yet.

Different from her other works. I almost couldn't believe it was her writing this suspense. It reminded me somewhat of Greg Iles "The Quiet Game", also a story of a widower father who is an attorney and getting involved in a case in his home town that affects him personally.
In this story, the attorney, John O'Rourke, is a widower with 2 kids, a teen son and a daughter. He is trying his best to raise them in his home town where everyone knows them, but is making enemies by taking on a horrible case. He is representing an admitted serial killer of young women and the town hates him for it. Along comes a lovely woman who believes this serial killer may be the cause for her sisters disappearance 6 months prior in this area. John is torn between wanting to help the woman, whom he is attracted to, and doing his best for his client. The story takes many twists and turns and is written very well. You feel connected to these characters and think about them even when you are not reading... that's the sign of a well written novel.
Luanne writes in the same New England setting that she has used in her other books. Her characters, even the pets, have captivating personalities, and the discriptive locale always makes you want to go there. Another great book by Ms. Rice... do some more like this, Luanne.

Never a dull moment. This is about a family, caring and oving!
Some time ago, maybe 50 years ago,when I was younger, It was suggested that I should get to know the author to understand the book. This book has made me want to know more about Luanne Rice and where doesbher stories originate. I'm thinking about the idea, only...not the one about Constitutional rights or that the world has some really bad people. It does definitely say this.

Loved this couple who had been so hurt by love itself, and found out that some things are just meant to be. There really are cruel, mean and violent people everywhere. It s nice when love evercomes all of that.

I read and liked Luanne Rice because of how well she reflected relationships between women and because I didn't have to worry about violence in the plot line. This book is in complete opposition to her usual stories and it's made me take stock of whether I want to read any more of her. I was expecting nothing like this based on the write-up on the main site at Amazon.

I like Luanne Rice excellent!

Great book

Easy reading, well written. Thought story ended rather abruptly; however like her style of writing.