» » Vengeance: (for fans of Lisa Gardner and Stieg Larsson) (The Vendetta Trifecta) (Volume 1)
Vengeance: (for fans of Lisa Gardner and Stieg Larsson) (The Vendetta Trifecta) (Volume 1)

Vengeance: (for fans of Lisa Gardner and Stieg Larsson) (The Vendetta Trifecta) (Volume 1) by A.J. Scudiere

ISBN10: 0979951011
ISBN13: 978-0979951015
Author: A.J. Scudiere
Book title: Vengeance: (for fans of Lisa Gardner and Stieg Larsson) (The Vendetta Trifecta) (Volume 1)
Publisher: Griffyn Ink; 1st edition (June 28, 2013)
Language: English
Category: Thrillers & Suspense
Size PDF: 1995 kb
Size ePub: 1617 kb
Size Fb2: 1975 kb
Rating: 4.4/5
Votes: 789
Pages: 370 pages

Vengeance: (for fans of Lisa Gardner and Stieg Larsson) (The Vendetta Trifecta) (Volume 1) by A.J. Scudiere

Nine years ago, Claymore Beller tried to do the right thing. It was the last thing he did. In retaliation for his efforts, his mafia bosses laid waste to his family. Only the youngest - Cynthia - came up fighting.Three years ago, Lee Maxwell made the same error. His wife and daughter paid for his mistake. In a haze of booze and regret, Lee disappeared.Now, Owen Dunham is following the trail of the 'Grudge Ninja' - only all the evidence is false and the profilers can't get their heads around anything except the obvious fact that the Ninja is extracting a deadly revenge for an old wrong.As the Ninja gets bolder and far more dangerous, Owen is forced to recognize that he hasn't always made the best decisions - he's spent far too much time     trying to be right. Even as he questions whether bringing in the ninja is the right thing to do, the voice in the back of his head is telling him it will make his career . . .


I am hcv men
While I do know I loved this book, I'm afraid of what that says about me. Do you fancy a murder romp?

Two revenge serial killers are taking out a list of bad guys. Mobsters, hired guns, rapists, drug dealers - in other words, the scum of the earth. Yay!
It's vigilante action at its worst. Yes, I said worst. You see, the bad guys don't die quickly, or cleanly. Not without suffering, as their victims did. Yay - er - no, *cough, cough*, I think?

Am I really that immature? That unethical? I'm afraid I might be. Because repeated scenes where the evil men get tortured to death didn't trouble me. A.J. Scudiere is careful to win the reader's heartfelt sympathy for the serial killers before she really cuts loose. And to establish just how much these criminals deserve to die (the mafia types, and a few rapists and paedophiles along the way, not the vigilante criminals). And of course, the vigilantes have me rooting for them all the way, not to mention chuckling over the funny bits. (If you are at all politically correct, run away now. This book will trample your values.)
Ultimately, the person I sympathised with most was Owen, the lead FBI agent on the trail of serial killers he's not sure he really wants to catch, never mind his oath, or what the law says. If, that is, he can even manage it. Because the evidence, what there is of it, is making no sense.

Who wins? In terms of the outcome of the story, I'm not going to spoil it by telling you.
The answer is the reader wins. Because this is hugely entertaining, so long as your morality on revenge is at the level of, say an eight year-old, while your tolerance for gore is that of, say, an eight-year Vietnam veteran. And it has one of the very best, cleverest endings I have ever delighted in.
To read or not to read is your choice. I give it five stars. And I'm embarrassed about that.

First there was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid. Then Thelma & Louise. Now there is the most unlikely duo of Sin and Lee. Characters that you come to like and root for knowing that what they are doing is against the law.
I met the author at a book show in Nashville. The book looked interesting so I thought I would give it a try. I usually read syfy or murder mysteries so this was a bit of a stretch. At the time I was looking for a book that offered me change.
The book follows two different people from two different backgrounds. Both of their lives were changed when their family was murdered by career criminals. Lee was a family man making his living as an accountant. Sin a young girl whose childhood was cut short. Lee learns to become lethal with a gun. Sin becomes lethal as a ninja. The two main characters cross paths several times to their dismay. They reluctantly decide to try to work together.
The FBI has puts a man in charge of locating the person that is taking the law into their own hand.
It is an exciting action packed adventure. The characters became alive and I found myself empathetic for the two people exacting vengeance on the mob. I also appreciated the pressure the FBI agent was under to “close the case”.
A great read, I want more.

Ken Galluch

The clever conclusion saves this book from a lower rating. There is an abundance of violence and a minimal amount of time spent on plot development so if you like lengthy descriptions of bad people being killed you should find this book very entertaining. This book should appeal to those people who support vigilante justice.

Please note: Originally read 9/14-15/2011; I am re-reading the book before I read the 2nd book in the series, Retribution. I received the original file from JKS Communications in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Book information: Genre: Suspense
Reading Age: Adult
Trigger Warnings: torture, murder, rape (not on page, historical), suicide (historical)
Animals: Several guard dogs are killed; deer is killed for food

My Thoughts and synopsis: Vengeance is exactly my kind of story. That is probably the most important thing I can say about it - it is a thriller, very well-written and filled with well-defined characters that are unique and interesting. Essentially the plot revolves around two people who have lived through terrible things and are, as a result, out for vengeance. Thus the catchy title! Each of them has been after people of the same general ilk, removing the scum from society - but they've started running across one another and duplicating their efforts. When an attempt to divide and conquer goes awry, they decide to join forces. We also spend some time with an FBI agent who is trying to track them down - while he is sympathetic to their cause and doesn't mourn the people they've taken out, he feels compelled to track them down anyway, due to his need for answers.

Added Thoughts from May 2014 Re-Read: The nice thing about re-reading books is you catch things you might have missed the first time around. In my case, I first read an uncorrected proof/ARC, so I couldn't really comment on editing issues anyway. This copy I'm reading though is the final edition, one which I picked up on Amazon during a sale. I have noticed that the spelling used is inconsistent. It's running about half and half between the correct duffel (bag) and incorrect duffle (which is a type of heavy coat). The correct discreet is used a couple of times, but more often the incorrect form discrete (meaning singular) is used. T-shirt is all over the place, and always incorrect, as tee shirt, tee-shirt, t-shirt... When discussing clothing, it's T-shirt, V-neck, that sort of thing: capitalized. A lot of these wouldn't be noticed by anyone but pedants like me, but... they are there.

Recommendations: This was the 2nd book I read by Scudiere and I continue to be impressed. She has a great style and paces her story well. I truly enjoyed reading this book and look forward to the next one. You should definitely pick this book up if you are a fan of thrillers and suspense.

Best West
I couldn't put it down as it's well written and loved the characters. Don't often root for the bad guys but I couldn't help loving Lee and Cin. Will definitely read this author in the future.

I enjoyed this story. Once I started I couldn't put it down. I look forward to reading the other books in the series. The ending wasn't what I expected.

Good action packed mystery/thriller. Could this happen in real life? I am sure it does. A lot of unsolved cases for police could have happened this way. You assault a woman and this could happen to you.