If I Should Die

If I Should Die by Grace F. Edwards

ISBN10: 0385485239
ISBN13: 978-0385485234
Author: Grace F. Edwards
Book title: If I Should Die
Publisher: Doubleday; 1st edition (April 14, 1997)
Language: English
Category: Mystery
Size PDF: 1230 kb
Size ePub: 1492 kb
Size Fb2: 1914 kb
Rating: 4.7/5
Votes: 365
Pages: 272 pages

If I Should Die by Grace F. Edwards

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On her way to pick up her orphaned nephew Alvin at the world-renowned Uptown Children's Chorus, ex-cop Mali Anderson hears the screams of a terrified child. As she and her Great Dane Ruffin race to the rescue, a car speeds away, leaving a young boy dazed on the sidewalk and a man lying in the street with a bullet in his forehead. The victim is her friend, Erskin Harding, tour director of the Chorus and a man without an enemy in the world. Could he have been the target, or was he an innocent bystander gunned down as he tried to prevent the kidnapping of young Morris Johnson? Starring a stunning and savvy ex-cop who's tough and compassionate, this new series takes the readers into the heart of Harlem, from the stylish townhouses of Strivers Row to the clubs where jazz immortals jam the night away to the vicious crack houses of New York. It's the debut of a heroine who's sure to take her place in the bestselling company of V.I. Warshawski and Kinsey Millhone."


Stylish Monkey
Grace Edwares introduces us to Mali Anderson, ex-police officer, current student, and daughter to a local jazz celebrity,a citizsn of Harlem, New York,and woman trying to raise her late sisters son. Mali, then introduces us to some of the most unforgetable characters any reader gets to know.

She arrives seconds after a male friend she greatly admired is murdered. The reader is then and there taken on a fast paced journey through the best and worst of Harlem, in search of the murderer. We become awe struck spectators to murder, romance, sadness, and great friendships.

This was my introduction to Grace F. Edwards. I love way she develops the characters. Mali is a sister with attitude, compassion, strength, love for family, and just enough over-confidence to get herself into trouble. I enjoyed walking the streets of Harlem, visiting some places I used to know. I was captivated from the first page, and was kept guessing on to the end.

Excellent!!! Loved it!! Going to order the next chapter

Item arrived as promised. Very satisfied.

ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ
I've had this book for over a month (I normally read a book in 3-7 days) and I just can't finish it. It gives way to much history about Harlem. I don't care where all the jazz clubs from the 1940s were. There's to much history and not enough plot. The main character over-analyzes everything.

This book was my introduction to the Mali Anderson series, and I was impressed. The lead character is smart, tough and a loving daughter and aunt. Like Valerie Wesley Wilson's Tamara Hayle, Mali is also a former cop. But unlike Hayle, who is based in New Jersey, Anderson is not a formal PI. She's just trying to get some answers.
Set on the mean streets of Harlem, this is a fast-paced contemporary mystery that engages the reader. Anderson is a complex character who is fraught by all types of demons -- harassment stemming from a lawsuit against the NYPD, the brutal death of her only sister and its impact on her nephew, and her feelings for the gorgeous detective Tad Honeywell.
The bad guys are all delightfully vile, an array of drug dealers, petty thieves and thugs. As a native New Yorker, I got a kick out her descriptions of Mayor Giuliani (whom she doesn't mention by name) when he was the D.A. I remember when he lead a mob of police officers in a disrespectful rally outside Gracie Mansion when Dinkins was mayor.
Her description of "The Inferno" reminded me of that scene in Jungle Fever where Spike Lee recreated a crack house. It was graphic and palpable. My only gripe with the book is that the ending seems a little abrupt. Edwards did a good job with the build-up, dropping clues here and there, but the resolution seemed a little rushed.
Overall, I was satisfied with this book and plan to buy more of this series.

Unknowingly I have read this series of novels out of sequence, I thought "A toast before Dying" was the first one, but it doesn't matter because I love the series. Mali Anderson former cop now neighborhood "Protector" is a wonderful addition to the genre and Grace Edward's is a gifted writer and wordsmith.
I can only compare her style to that of Walter Mosely, which is the ultimate compliment because he is phenomenal. Edwards is able to convey a myraid of thoughts with just a few words but the feelings they evoke never miss their mark. This mystery starts with the attempted kidnapping of a member of the Harlem Chorus and the death of the director, who is an old friend of Mali's. She witnesses the incident and is able to save the child but arrives to late to help her old friend. Now she is determined not to rest until she finds out who is behind his senseless murder and enlists the help of her new boyfriend and hunk Detective Tad Honeywell. Well girl does not live my adventure alone and Honeywell is just what Mali needs and deserves. The police are investigating but Tad has been taken off the case and the new detective assigned is not very dedicated to getting results.
Mali has her work cut out for her on this one as clues point her to the seedy side of Harlem and to dealings with people we would rather believe did not exist.

I loved this book, this was my second time reading it and will most likely read the series again. As before I was hoping that the writer would keep writing but alas after these mysteries no more books were forthcoming. We can always hold out hope that Grace Edwards will bless us with another Mali Anderson mystery. The image of the Old Harlem are so vivid I can picture myself there.