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Switched, Bothered and Bewildered

Switched, Bothered and Bewildered by Suzanne Macpherson

ISBN10: 0060774940
ISBN13: 978-0060774943
Author: Suzanne Macpherson
Book title: Switched, Bothered and Bewildered
Publisher: Avon; First Edition edition (November 29, 2005)
Language: English
Category: United States
Size PDF: 1127 kb
Size ePub: 1728 kb
Size Fb2: 1893 kb
Rating: 4.6/5
Votes: 327

Switched, Bothered and Bewildered by Suzanne Macpherson

Switched . . .

Identical twins Jillian and Jana Lee haven't been close since college, when Jillian stole Jana Lee's boyfriend. But now, to save her sanity, workaholic businesswoman Jillian wants to switch places for a week with her not-so-happy-homemaker sister. Jana Lee wants to mend fences with her twin, and besides, her life has reached a dead end in the 'burbs.

Bothered . . .

Jillian may have an MBA, but the burned-out executive never realized what daily drama a snappish teenager, a large, crazy dog, and a busted washing machine could dish out. Jana Lee in the Big City finds out fitting into her sister's sexy Ferragamo sling-backs might be tougher than this earth mother expected. Faking her way through Jillian's job has Jana Lee ducking for cover under piles of paperwork!

And bewildered!

And then there's Dean Wakefield, the local repairman-sculptor hunk, who's taking an intimate interest in Jillian aka Jana Lee—and bad-boy VP Jackson Hawks, who thinks that Jana Lee aka Jillian is the girl of his dreams. Except she isn't—they aren't—and all hell is about to break loose . . .


Far fetched premise but it improved as the plot developed. By the middle of the book I was feeling better about reading it.

After beating up the candy machine at work, stressed out Jillian Tomkins is given a week off to unwind at Serenity Spa where she pleads with her twin sister Jana Lee Tompkins Stivers to switch places like they used to until that final incident with Elliot the idiot in college led to an estrangement. The death of Jana Lee's husband led to a partial reconciliation, but the widow mother of a teen, sees a chance to escape her drudgery and further repair her relationship with her twin. Though she thinks they are doomed, she agrees.

In San Francisco at Pitman Toys, Jana Lee as Jillian immediately runs into trouble with every high heel step she takes as VP Jackson "Man-Zinger Hawks seems to desire her as he admits to himself she seems different, earthier than the corporate climber who jumped his bones last Christmas. At the same time Jillian as Jana Lee soon learns the craziness of life in the burbs from Carly the irritable and aloof teenage niece, the insane dog, and appliances that requires an engineering degree not an MBA. If she does not burn down her sister's home, Jillian's biggest zinger is repairman Dean Wakefield, who suddenly finds Jana Lee appealing.

This screwball romantic romp is a comical tale as the sisters struggle to survive what to each one is a foreign lifestyle. The twins make the tale appealing even while the audience along with Jackson wonders why Jillian could not ask for additional time off. This comedy of errors is fun as the two men suddenly in the twins' lives wonder how they missed the endearing qualities they suddenly have discovered. Fans will feel amused, absorbed and bewitched.

Harriet Klausner

Captain America
Jana Lee lost her husband two years ago. A single widowed mom, she lives a quiet existence in the Washington state hometown she and her identical twin were raised in - heck - even the same house. When a very frazzled Jillian begs Jana Lee to switch places with her like they used to do as kids, she balks at first - after all the last time they did that, Jillian ran off with Jana Lee's fiance! But in the interest of placating her sister, she agrees and enters the big world of finance in San Francisco.

While working at Pitman Toys, she captures the eye of the VP who Jillian dry humped at the office Christmas party. But for some reason, Jackson is suddenly attracted to his CFO... As he chases her down, she flees, making the chase all the more sweet, and the gossip hounds more angry. When her fresh ideas outside the financial arena make everyone take notice, Jana Lee wonders if sedate Washington is what she wants.

Meanwhile, Jillian is supposed to be relaxing but instead tries to do a total house makeover for Jana Lee with the help of sexy sculptor Dean Wakefield and niece Carly. He's wondering what's gotten into the usually sedate and earthy widow, and when he comes across a picture of the twins, he realizes they've switched.

MacPherson has penned another charming romantic comedy with a fair amount of romance. The overused twin swap plot is not as bad as one would imagine, and MacPherson manages to breath a distinct personality into each of women, making for a charming story about taking a second chance.

Error parents
This is a great fun read that will have you laughing at the situations these two twins get themselves involved in. Real characters with real situations and feelings. I definitely recommend this one!

This book was great for a good laugh. The characters are hillarious! I would recommend this to anyone over the age of about 16.