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Love Story: In The Web Of Life

Love Story: In The Web Of Life by Ken Renshaw

ISBN10: 0985273100
ISBN13: 978-0985273101
Author: Ken Renshaw
Book title: Love Story: In The Web Of Life
Publisher: Constellation Press; n edition (November 4, 2011)
Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Size PDF: 1851 kb
Size ePub: 1422 kb
Size Fb2: 1417 kb
Rating: 4.1/5
Votes: 372
Pages: 256 pages

Love Story: In The Web Of Life by Ken Renshaw

A logical, scientific patent attorney has to confront his reluctance to believe in anything that does not fit with his narrow scientific beliefs before he can learn to love the metaphysically-oriented school teacher he is dating. He is obsessed with flying a sailplane and spends weekends in the Mojave dessert. After landing on an isolated desert dry lake, he meets Uriel, a spiritual teacher from another reality who explains a theory of space time and psychic communication beyond the attorney' beliefs. Back at work, he is unexpectedly assigned to lawsuit involving a former CIA psychic spy. To prepare for the case, the attorney joins with his romantic interest in the exploration of channeling and the psychic communication described by Uriel. He learns to believe in psychic experiences they share and their love blossoms. The story includes delightful and romantic sailplane flights to the clouds above the harsh desert landscapes and Sierra Mountains. The love story soars on the metaphor of flight. Research into space time theory for the lawsuit leads the attorney to a past-life therapist. He learns to believe in mentally traveling in space time and discovers that his current life is dominated by unfinished business from a past life which he must confront. He learns about the web of life. The trial involving the psychic spy held in a colorful Sierra Gold Rush town creates national attention.The attorney's life and professional standing are threatened by people dedicated to holding onto the old ideas of science that debunk all things of psychic nature.


Love Story: In the Web of Life by Ken Renshaw is a story about exploring the unknown space time theory of eight dimensions. It explores physics and science through ESP and channeling. In the story Dave Willard is a patent lawyer whose views on the supernatural are changed when he is contacted by a mysterious being from another space time. He is asked to take on a case that supports the use of ESP when investigating dissapearances. In the case a lttle girl dies unnecessarily when the sheriff ignores the help of Steve who uses ESP to locate her. As the story progresses Dave's views change on the subject and he embraces the eight dimension concept. He even channels his former life. In the book there are groups against furthering studies on ESP and they try to kill Dave to stop him from winning the lawsuit. Through all of the changes Dave finds love and a new life. Does Dave win the lawsuit and prove that ESP really does exist along with the eight dimensions?

Love Story: In The Web of Life; a Review D.J.Kean

Whether you come from a metaphysical, scientific or integrative perspective, you will find a good and satisfying read in Ken Renshaw's novel. It offers an uncommon way of absorbing theoretical paradigms within a unique plot and premise. It is also great fun, with an underlying humor that allows the story to flow easily and entertain. I was intrigued that at it's centerpiece is a court trial based on the denied services of an established psychic in finding a missing child. And yes, there is an enjoyable love story as well.

I am hoping the author will write a sequel exploring another concept from theoretical physics and its link to esoteric philosophy.

only once in a while do you come across a novel that offers so many insights on so many levels- eight dimensional space is something that can only be grasped intuitively- and this little gem comes as close to accomplishing this as your going to get - throw in a ride thru the world of soaring -mystery - geology and a running traveloge covering both north and southern california and you have the web of love-have a blast and take a road trip into the mind of ken renshaw- iam glad i did -

brian - bay city texas

This book is a rare combination of philosophy and a great tale. Interesting characters, lots of humor, realistic study of the human condition, and a well-considered take on ESP and psychic abilities - what more could you want from a book? Highly recommended for a good read, especially if you are into new perspectives.