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Tyler's Row (The Fairacre Series #9)

Tyler's Row (The Fairacre Series #9) by Miss Read

ISBN10: 0848817028
ISBN13: 978-0848817022
Author: Miss Read
Book title: Tyler's Row (The Fairacre Series #9)
Publisher: Amereon Ltd (September 1, 1996)
Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Size PDF: 1971 kb
Size ePub: 1245 kb
Size Fb2: 1915 kb
Rating: 4.1/5
Votes: 534

Tyler's Row (The Fairacre Series #9) by Miss Read


Anyone looking for great bedtime reading should buy all the Miss Read stories. I read these to an Alzheimer's patient over the phone each evening. Not only is she able to follow the stories (with a little judicial editing my me to weed out any sad words because an 85 year old lady does not need to hear about gravestones in the churchyard). She chuckles at the subtle humor and thanks me for the word pictures of a beautiful village.

Miss Read gets 10 Stars but companies that sell flawed books should get 0. I give it 3 only because it is a Miss Read book. I have all of her hardbacks and paperbacks and would really enjoy the ebooks because of the ability to change background colors and font sizes but, after purchasing a few, only to discover huge scanning errors in the others I am giving up. No more Miss Read ebooks. BTW, always demand a refund - it is the only way Amazon gets the message - it doesn't give a damn about reviews. Also, the reviewer who mentions 'foul language' is correct - amazingly, there is foul language - I have spotted the same thing in 'Over The Gate' - I also now wonder if 'others' contributed to the writing.

Tyler's Row is a series of four joined cottages. The poor landlord has rented out these cottages to Fairacre's less fortunate citizens for so long that there is no money left over for the maintenance and repair of this charming row of thatched cottages. After much thought he decides to sell up and move to a nice quiet retirement.

But who will purchase this row of cottages and what will they do with them? And what about the two feuding villagers who live at opposite ends of the four cottages? Can anyone live in peace with these two?

Read along and enjoy as the cottages are purchased and remodeled by newcomers to Fairacre, and thrill to their adventures and misadventures with the process.

I really enjoyed this volume in the series, and I'm enjoying each book in it's turn.

These books are enchanting and are wonderful to relax with even though there is always an excitement plot to follow.
I wish Kindle will have all of then in a audio version, I know audio versions exist to most of Miss Read books. Please purchase the rights and let us enjoy listening to these beautiful stories

A sweet story.

This is a very enjoyable series. If you like a mellow but entertaining read, give these a try!

love it

This is definitely one of my top favorites of the Fairacre series. I really liked the character Diana who is one half of the couple who buys Tyler's Row.