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Between Sisters

Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah

ISBN10: 0276428722
ISBN13: 978-0276428722
Author: Kristin Hannah
Book title: Between Sisters
Publisher: Ballantine Books; 12th edition (2004)
Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Size PDF: 1667 kb
Size ePub: 1160 kb
Size Fb2: 1355 kb
Rating: 4.2/5
Votes: 277
Pages: 479 pages

Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah

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Three Novels selected and condensed by Reader's Digest. This volume includes The Queen't Food by Philippa Gregory, Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah, and Safe Harbour by Janice Graham.


First off, I am a huge fan of K. Hannah. I have read almost all of her books and was really excited to come across one that I hadn't yet. In the first chapter I became a little worried.... the story just wasn't very enticing at first. ... and truthfully it didn't get much better. I just don't fell like Hannah was on her game with this book. It read almost as if it were an aspiring writer's first book. The characters were never introduced in a way that I could really connect with any of them. I know that Kristin Hannah usually writes pretty emotional stuff... but this story was flat out cheesy. The dialogue of the characters seemed SO scripted... people just don't speak like that. Maybe I am being too harsh. I don't know.
I just know that I expected a lot more from this particular author. I mean, "Winter Garden" and "True Colors" are two of my favorite books! This definitely won't deter me from reading more of her work, I am just going to chalk this up to... maybe the one time Kristin Hannah didn't give it her all? Maybe she had a deadline to meet? I dunno. My advice would be to skip right over this one and read something else of her's. The two aforementioned titles are total winners! Let's just pretend "Between Sisters" never happened eh? ;)

Had, Between Sisters, been classified as "Women's Fiction" I would have given it a miss. It's not my favorite genre. But I was looking for something to relax and pass the time with for several hours. The premise was promising, and it having been a NYT bestseller, had me downloading it to my kindle without much thought. I wish I didn't, especially as I'd read everything else on my kindle and was away from the net with hours to kill and only this novel. I am a woman, that doesn't mean I want to read about the dreary, everyday existence and doubts and hang-ups of other women (or even men, for that matter). I want fiction to take me to another fictional world that is different and thought provoking, and even fun. If Women's Fiction means dwelling on minutiae in a story that goes on and on without a pulse or heartbeat, then Between Sisters is it. Hannah employs some tired gimmicks to keep the reader slogging through, hoping desperately for something, anything at all, to happen, only to be rewarded by the gimmicks turning out completely predictably. I'm not going to go into more detail, in case someone hasn't read Between Sisters and wants to. I will recommend that you speed read/scan/even skip the first 70% to get an idea of the characters, because nothing actually happens before then.

It will come as no surprise of fans of Kristen Hannah that this is a wonderful book. It’s different than the other novels of hers I read. The Great Alone was one of the best books I’ve read in the last several months, not to mention The Nightingale, which won about a million awards. Both were very different than this novel about two sisters who grew up with a mother who drank too much and cared about herself, not her daughters. This left Meg to care for her sister Claire, who was seven years younger than her.

Misunderstandings led to their estrangement when Meg was 16 and Claire was 9. They kept in contact by phone, but their closeness and friendship disappeared. Meg goes through a challenging time with her successful career in law, and she takes time off and goes to the small town where Claire lives to help with her wedding.

There is more romance than some of Hannah’s other books. I had tears in my eyes for the last thirty pages. This would make a great movie. If not for the Hollywood big screen, it would make a great tear jerker made-for-TV movie.


This book, as with all of Kristin Hannah’s books I’ve read, did not disappoint! So much in it that I can relate to...a challenging relationship with my sister and the need for healing it; a brain tumor, specifically glioblastoma multiforme, (my mother was diagnosed in early February 2018). My sister and I are working on healing our wounds as we watch our mother battle her cancer with amazing strength and grace. I continue to pray for a miracle and for my Mom to be a story of survival in someone’s folder of “Hope”...Grateful for the healing (on so many levels) of the characters in this book! Great read!

This book really surprised me because of the two unusual, combined story lines. Both are about family dynamics and how they can affect us for the rest of our lives. One story is about two grown half- sisters who have at best, a strained relationship of the briefest kind. When both of them were children, they lived a part-time life with their egocentric mother who valued her happiness and dreams over and above the needs of her love starved daughters. Married multiple times, she flits from place to place, dragging her young daughters while pursuing her dream of becoming an actress. Living in dilapidated trailers and apartments with little or no guidance from their mother, the older girl gradually assumes the role of mother to her sister. Both sisters grow close and depend on each other to emotionally survive their unpredictable, gypsy life. But an "incident" occurs and suddenly the younger sister is deserted by her older, teen aged sister and then left to live with a father she has never met before. The affect on both sisters is devastating and changes their relationship forever.

The second story within this story is about a guilty and beaten down man whose life no longer has meaning. Life is hopeless and over for him since the "incident" that happened three years ago. He survives day to day by working at odd jobs while eventually moving from town to town.

The characters of both stories intertwine and relationships develop to change all of their lives.

I could not put this book down because of the intensity and depth of all these great characters and their stories. I really loved this book and intend to follow this author.