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The Definitive Star Trek Trivia Book (v. 1)

The Definitive Star Trek Trivia Book (v. 1) by Jill Sherwin

ISBN10: 0671041827
ISBN13: 978-0671041823
Author: Jill Sherwin
Book title: The Definitive Star Trek Trivia Book (v. 1)
Publisher: Star Trek (April 1, 2000)
Language: English
Category: Movies
Size PDF: 1670 kb
Size ePub: 1113 kb
Size Fb2: 1196 kb
Rating: 4.4/5
Votes: 268
Pages: 256 pages

The Definitive Star Trek Trivia Book (v. 1) by Jill Sherwin

Readers can test their Star Trek acumen with the most comprehensive Star Trek trivia guide ever written, covering three decades of the popular sci-fi franchise. Original.


my few trek friends enjoy this book. we ask questions of the other person. the answers are 90% correct. there are some errors but that makes it more fun.

If you love Star Trek you will love this trivia book, it's fun to remember all of the things that happened in the movies and shows. Especially the Trouble With Trebbles!!!

Live Long and Prosper. Love these puzzles.

Lahorns Gods
Just when I thought I knew all that was to be known about Star Trek triva, The Definitive Star Trek" Trivia Book proves me wrong! There is so much to learn from this book that you didn't even know was even mentioned. If you're a Star Trek trivia buff, heck any kind of trivia buff, then this book is a must.

my sister loved this book

This is a great trivia book for Star Trek. It has trivia on all kinds of subjects, such as Vulcans, Borg, episode names, and every major crew member. I thought I knew a lot about Star Trek, but after I started reading through this book I found out how much I didn't know. Here is an example: "In 'Tapestry,' Picard relived a time in his youth with two of his best friends from the academy. Name the friends." Another question is: "What substance was Elaan's necklace composed of?" Whoever knows these and the other questions in the book is a professional Star Trek fan. If you want to have fun with your Star Trek knowledge by all means buy this book.

Of all the new trivia books this one is a keeper because it's interesting from start to finish. No boring questions about the amount of pips on Data's collar. To test your true knowledge of all the Trek series; the writer utilizes resonable material from good episodes. There are no obscure references. I found it entertaining and insightful on the details I didn't notice at first.

Being that I am currently in the process of writing a book detailing the history of Federation starships, I was apalled when I noticed that most of the registry numbers and classes for the ships were WRONG. My friend and I picked up a copy of this book in our local bookstore and were flipping through it, and we were laughing out loud when we noticed the mistakes.
If you're a ship enthusiast like myself, DO NOT buy this book because it will make you sick to your stomach. Off the top of my head I cannot remember what some of the exact mistakes are, but they claim that the U.S.S. Excelsior's registry number is NCC-53847. Right. And that the U.S.S. Enterprise is NCC-1631 or something like that. Hey, they got the 1's right in the begging and end! Please contact me if you have an opinion about this.