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Design and Construction of Steel Bridges

Design and Construction of Steel Bridges by Utpal K. Ghosh

ISBN10: 0415418364
ISBN13: 978-0415418362
Author: Utpal K. Ghosh
Book title: Design and Construction of Steel Bridges
Publisher: CRC Press (September 21, 2006)
Language: English
Category: Engineering
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Rating: 4.7/5
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Pages: 458 pages

Design and Construction of Steel Bridges by Utpal K. Ghosh

The advantage of steel for long span bridges have been well established for some time. Its advantages for short and medium span bridges are also being seriously looked at now particularly form the standpoint of economy, durability, and ease in maintenance during service life. This book provides the reader with an overall perspective for design and construction of steel bridges, particular from considerations of economy, durability and ease of maintenance during service life. It highlights both theoretical as well as practical aspects which govern the process. Realistic illustrations of practical applications have been used throughout.

Starting with a study of the evolution in the design of steel bridges and lessons learnt from some landmark bridge failures, the book discusses basic topics, such as design philosophies, characteristics of steel and loads, before dealing with the various structural arrangements commonly used in modern steel bridges and their selection strategies. Modern systems of connections are discussed at lenght.The book contains several chapters explainingimportant aspects of fabrication and erection, including methodologies for erection of common steel bridges. Durability, protection against corrosion and post-construction maintenance are discussed in detail.

It is expected that the book will provide practical guidelines to students as well as engineers and designers in industry for achieving economy, durability and ease in maintenance.