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Hino Horror, Vol. 12: Mystique Mandala Of Hell

Hino Horror, Vol. 12: Mystique Mandala Of Hell by Clive France,Hideshi Hino

ISBN10: 1932897038
ISBN13: 978-1932897036
Author: Clive France,Hideshi Hino
Book title: Hino Horror, Vol. 12: Mystique Mandala Of Hell
Publisher: Dh Pub Inc (September 1, 2004)
Language: English
Category: Graphic Novels
Size PDF: 1399 kb
Size ePub: 1945 kb
Size Fb2: 1210 kb
Rating: 4.3/5
Votes: 311
Pages: 192 pages

Hino Horror, Vol. 12: Mystique Mandala Of Hell by Clive France,Hideshi Hino

Sayoko, the new girl at school, is something of a mystery. Quiet and shy, she prefers to be alone, and is looked upon with suspicion by her classmates until she is befriended by Tanaka. But getting too close to Saynoko can only bring trouble, as Tanaka soon finds out. Sayoko is, in fact, Mandala, the daughter of the King of Hell. Given two all-seeing crystal eyes, she is sent up into the world to save her dying clan from the invading western demons. However, she soon loses one of the crystals, and centuries later, her search leads her to Tanaka and the curse that is always with her takes hold of the young boy.


Similar to Hino's The collection and to Oninbo. This series of shorts follows a character with an agenda. Each life she touches has a horrible tale to tell and ends up changed forever.

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100 years ago, beneath the islands of Japan, a spirit world of demons flourished and was ruled over by Gongoro III. The underground world flourished in peace until a series of earthquakes threatened to destroy them all. In a panic they call out to the Lord of Darkness for help. He tells them to pluck out the eyes of Gongoro's daughter Mandala, and replace them with his own. She will ascend to the human world and dwell there for 1000 days, after which all the demons will be reborn. Just then, the last earthquake hits and Mandala only has time to put in one eye. In all the furor, she discovers she has lost the other divine eye and so she must spend eternity looking for the other if she ever hopes to revive her species again. Taking on the guise of a little girl, she enrolls in an elementary school and even picks up a love interest named Tanaka, even as Western demons seek to eliminate her so they can rule over Japan.

This 12th volume of the Hino Horror series was a bit more heartfelt than what Hideshi Hino usually writes. Mandala, instead of causing terror and killing humans, merely wants to resurrect her family and race and must live with a stupid mistake forever until she can find the other eye. Her predicament is particularly poignant because she doesn't have anyone to help her. Even the other kids at school think she's too weird to hang out with. All except Tanaka, who has his own problems, when he apparently kills a girl by running into her with his new bike! I guess Mandala is just more sympathetic that most of Hino's characters. There are some moments here of horror cliche, but overall, Volume 12 is a great entry in an inconsistent series.