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Star Trek Omnibus Volume 2: The Early Voyages

Star Trek Omnibus Volume 2: The Early Voyages by Ian Edington,Patrick Zircher,Javier Paludo,Dan Abnett

ISBN10: 1600104967
ISBN13: 978-1600104961
Author: Ian Edington,Patrick Zircher,Javier Paludo,Dan Abnett
Book title: Star Trek Omnibus Volume 2: The Early Voyages
Publisher: IDW Publishing (July 14, 2009)
Language: English
Category: Graphic Novels
Size PDF: 1345 kb
Size ePub: 1441 kb
Size Fb2: 1642 kb
Rating: 4.3/5
Votes: 676
Pages: 436 pages

Star Trek Omnibus Volume 2: The Early Voyages by Ian Edington,Patrick Zircher,Javier Paludo,Dan Abnett

Originally published by Marvel Comics, Early Voyages takes place ten years before Kirk’s "Five-Year Mission," showcasing the adventures of Captain Christopher Pike and his team aboard the USS Enterprise. The entire 17-issue Star Trek: Early Voyages series is collected in its entirety in this massivevolume!


Mysterious Wrench
The better parts of this book are VERY good indeed. Lots of the stories are a little bland though.

First, I have a few gripes. There are a lot of lines lifted from Star Wars and they seem really out-of-place in these Star Trek stories. The authors also used several anachronisms-- there was stuff in these stories that wasn't supposed to exist yet in the Star Trek timeline. I know that makes me one of those "crazy, nit-picky" fans, but it is pretty jarring to hear Captain Pike giving orders to fire the photon torpedoes when they aren't supposed to be invented for another fifteen years. The laser pistols are often called phasers, the ship cruises at warp nine-- a lot of this stuff is the result of sloppy research.

We also never learn Number One's first name-- apparently, no one who serves with her knows it. They even talk about what a mystery her name is. Seriously? They can't find out what their first officer's first name is? I would rather have seen the authors just give her a name already and risk stepping on some toes at Paramount. They could always change their minds later and tell us that was the wrong name after all. It's just so weird that such an important character doesn't have a name.

Having said that, the artwork is great. The stories are the usual bland comic-book stuff, with a few exceptions. We find out more about the Tholians, so that is pretty cool for fans of the original series. The big treat is near the end of the book-- there is a two-part story about one of the crew being transported forward in time about 35 years. She meets Captain Kirk (circa Star Trek VI), and finds that her disappearance has changed the timeline considerably. I won't spoil the details, but it is an exciting and fun story, involving most of the original-series crew.

For die-hard fans, this series is a must, especially if you always wanted to know more about the Enterprise before James Kirk came along. Comic book fans will also likely enjoy this one. But if you didn't love watching "The Cage," then this one might not tickle you. If it hadn't been for the two-part time-travel story, I couldn't have given this collection more than three stars.

Considering that the original Star Trek pilot episode "The Cage" and its subsequent use in the two-part classic episode, "The Menagerie" have only gotten better with age, in my opinion, this book offers a rare glimpse into what the missions of the Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike might have been like. Most of these stories take place before, during, and after "The Cage". So not only do we learn a little more about some of the crew members, such as the fact that Number One does have another name but chooses not to use it, but we also learn more about some of the events alluded to in "The Cage", such as what Dr. Boyce calls "the fight on Rigel VII", where Pike's first yeoman and two other crewmen died. Yeoman Colt also gets a glimpse into the future, but I'm not giving anything away.

The book's only negative points for me would be that it didn't seem like Spock got a whole lot of "book time", seeing as how he bridges the gap between "The Cage" and the rest of TOS. Also the last story in the book is unfinished; Issue 17 was supposed to be the second part of a multi-part storyline and Issue 18 was never published, which is a shame because Issue 17 ends with a cliffhanger. But it's a very interesting read overall.

Short and to the point: The art is pretty good, though not fantastic, and the reproduction value is very high. Clear frames. Vibrant colors. I wish IDW had done this good of a job on the first Star Trek Omnibus.

The writing is FANTASTIC. These are excellent, very "Trek" stories. I love the continuity with what we already know about Pike and his crew from TOS episodes "The Cage" and "The Menagerie".

Highly recommended. If this book peaks your curiosity at all, you should get it. You won't be sorry. It's good stuff.

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the stories. I didn't realize that it followed Pike and his crew. I thought it was Kirk on the cover and didn't learn that that was not the case until I read some of the reviews while waiting for my copy to arrive. But the stories were better than the other original series comics in my opinion.

I received it today in pristine condition and was very happy with the purchase! Great Book! Great artwork and excellent, interesting story-lines! True Star Trek fun! I would highly recommend buying from this seller again due to their quick response and conscientiousness to satisfy a customer! Very Satisfied!


Well put together and a lot of fun. Worth the time of day for any Trekkies or as in my case light reading for dead moments.

Fantastic artwork (except for the final few issues) and a really great story line, continuing the adventures of Captain Christopher Pike and the crew of the Enterprise prior to James Kirk's tenure as captain. It's a real shame that Marvel pulled the plug on this series before the final story line was completed, leaving us wondering how it all turned out.