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Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth

Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth by David R. Wilkerson

ISBN10: 0883686406
ISBN13: 978-0883686409
Author: David R. Wilkerson
Book title: Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth
Publisher: Whitaker House; 2 edition (March 1, 2001)
Language: English
Category: Ministry & Evangelism
Size PDF: 1652 kb
Size ePub: 1861 kb
Size Fb2: 1797 kb
Rating: 4.6/5
Votes: 606
Pages: 220 pages

Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth by David R. Wilkerson

The book will bring a cry of joy from the young preachers who are asking for a spiritual voice compelling the church back to her original calling of holiness and power.


I am still in the process of reading this book. I am going to begin chapter 3.
It is interesting. But it is not new to me. The question I have is : with all that is happening in the churches, does one still have to go to church? At my church, for example , I haven't been in a few months because the majority of the preaching is : prosperity , healing and very seldom about repentance. So, I am a bit fustrated because now I don't really trust for that matter in any church's teaching . I am really praying so one that God forgives me if I am wrong and two that He directs me to a church that serves him in spirit and truth.
And with all This information in the book, what can I do? If I go to any church and say something they will stamp me as " I may not be a true believer or something ". I have to confess I stopped going to church. And I am praying.
And if there is a church that truly fear God , where is it? because I think I see more preach about prosperity and healing than ever before. I see more preaching on give your money and you will see healing and prosperity and your dreams will come true Pretty much all the Christians channels I see this now. Every time I do, I cringe! If there is remnant , when and where is this church? and I think this book is not only for America but the whole world .

Highly recommend the book. Jesus is coming back soon & David was truly a watchman on the wall. Every Christian needs to read this book, realize how little time is left to win all we love to Him before they get "left behind".

Five minutes after someone dies, they don't get to come back and play "Let's Make A Deal". So if we love them, it's a MUST to be sure they are ready. Once we get to heaven, we can't have any remembrance of the ones that don't make it, as heaven will be full of peace and happiness. That wouldn't be possible if we were conscious of those that didn't make it were being tortured throughout eternity.

David's book makes you see the urgency of trying to warn & win people to Him in the here and now. Wish it could be mandatory reading for everyone that call themselves Christians.

digytal soul
Of course, the price is outrageous for a book! But, compared to how much others have been selling this for it was "doable"! Great read, hard to put down. If your into bible prophecy, end times, you'll be able to get into it. The book arrived in the expected time and pretty close to new condtion. The cover was a little worn but that's it. The book seemed like it had been opened very little. As you know paperbacks that have been opened often tend to not close completely. I thinkk I paid about $160, since then I have seen a couple places for less, but I'm not upset. I agreed to pay this price but I wouldn't have paid more.

David Wilkerson did not claim to be a prophet but he sure was right on......"he has gone to be with the Lord but before he left he told us of many things that could be coming to this country....no dates set but many have already happened.....this book really opens many things that are coming and could frighten some people, and many would not care to know, but it is very informative and worth reading if you really care about our country.....one of his other books,-----THE VISION-----is also excellent.....

This is a great read & a must have. In the light of current world & American situations, we should read or re-read this book. It matches up with the Word of God & is Spirit inspired. The Holy Spirit is confirming His Word as things come to pass.

It's a good read and Biblically sound.

This book, although first penned in 1985 is a must read for anyone who considers theirself to be a part of "the remnant". The grace period in which we have lived for over 200 years is about ready to come to an abrupt end. Sooner, than later, the world's population is going to experience fear that is off the charts due to the soon coming catastrophic events. God has tried to call His people back to their first Love, to no avial. We are consumed with entertainment, money and ourselves. The time of the Gentiles is about to be fulfilled; but are you ready for what happens next according to the prophetic time table? This book will open your eyes to the sin of the last day church. Awaken from your slumber and get ready for the coming of the Lord of Hosts! Buy a copy for yourself as well as those you love. The author is a proven and trusted prophet.

Good condition minus the page with the note from parents to child (tore it out, blank on the other side).