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Kiss Good Night, Sam

Kiss Good Night, Sam by Amy Hest,Anita Jeram

ISBN10: 0744589355
ISBN13: 978-0744589351
Author: Amy Hest,Anita Jeram
Book title: Kiss Good Night, Sam
Publisher: Walker Books Ltd (August 31, 2002)
Language: English
Category: Animals
Size PDF: 1145 kb
Size ePub: 1834 kb
Size Fb2: 1690 kb
Rating: 4.5/5
Votes: 368
Pages: 32 pages

Kiss Good Night, Sam by Amy Hest,Anita Jeram

One dark and stormy night, Mrs Bear is putting Sam to bed. "Ready now, Sam?" she asks. "Oh no," says Sam. "I'm waiting." So Mrs Bear reads Sam his favourite book. But he still isn't ready. So Mrs Bear tucks the red blanket around Sam and makes him a nest. But he still isn't ready. And he's not even ready after a glass of warm milk. What can Sam be waiting for? His kiss goodnight of course! This cosy, loving story builds up to a delightful climax that every child will love anticipating and re-enacting with their own parent.


I agree with everyone's rave reviews about the illustrations in this book. It is lovely! The little house just glows and makes you feel cozy just looking at it! Five stars for illustrations, no question.

I had to deduct a star, though, for the text. I find it stilted and awkward in places -- like it could use another round of editing. I love the sound effects "splat!" of the rain and "woooo" of the wind. I love the kisses. I struggle with some of the longer bedtime routine paragraphs. I am inclined to rephrase them, but don't want to confuse my daughter when she grows old enough to read the words herself. For instance, I always trip over this one: "Afterward, Mrs. Bear pulled one side of the blanket way up high under Sam's chin, and the blanket was red." And this one: Mrs. Bear poured milk in two glasses and they both drank milk and it was warm sliding down. Afterward, Mrs. Bear yawned." I want to make the first excerpt two distinct sentences, simplify the second considerably, and eliminate both "afterwards" entirely.

I know this is nit-picky, and it shouldn't stop you from buying the book! The story is delightful and sweet. Some pages, the text flows beautifully. Hest makes nice use of repetition, which is fitting in a bedtime ritual story. I just wish I could hack at a few of these paragraphs and pare them down! Despite that, "Kiss Goodnight" is a bedtime favorite in our household!

We love Sam! My mother in law brought home "You Can Do It Sam" for my 2.5 year old from a local book sale. They are simple, yet magical little books. I like them as much as my son does. Which is important, because anyone with a toddler knows, you have to read the same stories over and over! This particular story is about Sam and his mom going through their bedtime routine on a stormy night, all leading up to what Sam is waiting all evening for...his kiss goodnight. To my knowledge, there are 3 same books: "Kiss Good Night", "You Can Do It Sam", and "Don't You Feel Well Sam?."

This is the second time we have bought this book. The first version was the lightweight paper version and after many nights of being slept with my son ended up pulling it apart. We decided to buy the smaller but thicker cardboard version and I am glad we did.

My son absolutely loves this book. It's his number 1 favorite for bedtime. He is old enough now that he will start to anticipate what is coming up and I can't wait for the day when he can read it to me!

This was our older son's favorite bedtime story, so we were eager to buy it for our recent addition. He's a little young for the story now, but we still love to read it to him and kiss him once, twice, and once more. This is really just one of the best children's books out there--the story is accessible but interesting and relatable. The colors are vibrant and drawings are beautiful and engaging. And the character of Sam is someone all kids can identify with.

My baby's favorite :) bought it this time as a first present for my friend's baby due in a few months. I always make the same voices for the mom and baby in the book and my son loves it, but he loves even more when the mom kisses the baby bear and then I kiss him as well :) a very very sweet book to share with a little one

Our son LOVES this book (he is 33 months old). We give him kisses at the same time we are reading about Sam's Mom is kissing him. Our son just giggles through the whole book. The story is sweet and the artwork has a warmth to it that makes it a joy for us to read. Bonus, the board book does not seem to be shortened or has the end of the story missing to make it fit. This will make a great addition to your child's collection - or a great baby shower gift.

I bought this years ago for my son, Sam, since the bear in the story's name is Sam. The book is a sweet reminder of all the routines we parents go through as we tuck our little ones in bed each night. My son is now 7 and still loves it when I occasionally read this at bedtime to him, and act it out ("and Mrs. Bear kissed Sam once, then twice, and then twice more. AGAIN! cried Sam ...."). He calls it one of his "sweet" books, and I love when he pulls it off his bookshelf for a sweet reminder of when he was just like the little bear, Sam, expecting the same bedtime rituals.

This is my son's favorite book! It is beautifully illustrated and the story is so cute!