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Racecar Alphabet (Ala Notable Children's Books. Younger Readers (Awards))

Racecar Alphabet (Ala Notable Children's Books. Younger Readers (Awards)) by Brian Floca

ISBN10: 0689850913
ISBN13: 978-0689850912
Author: Brian Floca
Book title: Racecar Alphabet (Ala Notable Children's Books. Younger Readers (Awards))
Publisher: Atheneum/Richard Jackson Books; 1st Printing edition (November 1, 2003)
Language: English
Category: Early Learning
Size PDF: 1387 kb
Size ePub: 1911 kb
Size Fb2: 1323 kb
Rating: 4.5/5
Votes: 679
Pages: 40 pages

Racecar Alphabet (Ala Notable Children's Books. Younger Readers (Awards)) by Brian Floca

A is for Automobiles, machines on wheels. B is for Belts turning, fuel burning, the buzz and bark of engines. C is for Curves and crowds and cars, of course -- A century of racecars, from bare beginnings to present-day marvels, from stock cars to Formula 1, from Ford to Ferrari, caught in crackling action, in fan-friendly pictures, and in words that bounce and jounce for the fun of it.


Brick my own
Kids love the illustrations, and parents love the different take on a alphabet book. Each page also has cars numbered 1-26 to go along with the corresponding letter of the alphabet it's on. It's a fun addition on each page that kids like looking for. Overall great book.

Brian Floca is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors! His books are wonderfully illustrated, and my two-year-old son seems to love them! We have this book and Moonshot, and I plan on adding the Lightship book, as well.

Even thought Alphabet is in the title, Floca doesn't follow the A is for... that you find in most books. Instead, he takes a very alliterative approach (i.e. Curves across the course cause cars to careen and crash...). Any boy (or girl) that is into cars would LOVE this book. I highly recommend it.

My son is only 10 months old and I was a little reluctant to get this book at first because I thought it would be too much of a "let's learn the alphabet" book.

However, it is nothing of the sort. While not a rhyming book its clever mix of consonance, assonance, onomatopoeia and surely other literary devices that elude me, make it seem almost poetic.

Leaving the high-brow behind, this book has numerous strengths -- it has an above average size which makes for big, dramatic illustrations; it has a fantastic read-aloud quality due to its profoundly thoughtful word choice; it has a lot of subtle things going on with the evolution of the racecar, etc; finally, it is just plain fun. If it didn't have alphabet in the title you might not even notice the whole alphabet thing going on -- it definitely doesn't try to be an educational book or to force feed kids learning.

I couldn't recommend it more highly for children no matter how young.

Bought this for my race crazy husband for fathers day. It's accurately and beautifully illustrated, uses creative vocabulary and is a cohesive story. None of this A is for ____ crap. My daughter loves it because it's beautiful and fun to read. My husband loves it and I love it for it's accuracy to racing legacy. We have even ordered a couple as gifts for friends.

Grandkids love this one for reading before bed.

My son brought this home from his school library so many times I bought him a copy. He's in kindergarten and loves race cars. This is not your average ABC book but rather a beautifully illustrated, fun book about racing that just happens to be ordered by letter.

I was delighted when I received this book. It is big and beautifuly illustrated and perfect for my three year old grandson. I wanted a book to go with the race are and plastic helmet we picked up for him at the Indianapolis Speedway museum and this is great. They should sell these in their shop!

This is more advanced linguistically than the typical alphabet book, but the illustrations are great! I love how the race cars become newer as the book progresses. Nicely done little book. This will be a keepsake book for my nephew, and my brother won't be bored out of his mind reading it ad nauseum!