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Project Management For Dummies

Project Management For Dummies by Stanley E. Portny

ISBN10: 1118497236
ISBN13: 978-8126542574
Author: Stanley E. Portny
Book title: Project Management For Dummies
Publisher: For Dummies; 4 edition (April 22, 2013)
Language: English
Category: Management & Leadership
Size PDF: 1229 kb
Size ePub: 1228 kb
Size Fb2: 1896 kb
Rating: 4.7/5
Votes: 890
Pages: 408 pages

Project Management For Dummies by Stanley E. Portny

The bestselling "bible" of project management

In today's time-crunched, cost-conscious global business environment, tight project deadlines and stringent expectations are the norm. Now with 25 percent new and updated content, Project Management For Dummies introduces you to the principles of successful project management and shows you how to motivate any team to gain maximum productivity.

You'll learn how to organize, estimate, and schedule projects efficiently and effectively. You'll also discover how to manage deliverables, issue changes, assess risks, maintain communications, and live up to expectations by making the most of the latest technology and software—and by avoiding common problems that can trip up even the best project managers.

The latest information on measuring project management ROI and value to the organization (and customers) Managing Continuous Process Improvement Examples of formats used for different aspects of project management Managing distressed projects and managing multiple team projects Hierarchical decomposition and how it can dramatically improve the effectiveness of project planning and control The latest trend of embracing the use of social media to drive efficiency and improve socialization New information on managing and resolving conflicts that occur during a project Explanations of concepts tested in the PMP® certification exam with study tips and practices to help you pass

Project Management For Dummies gives professionals like you everything you need to be successful project managers.

(PMI, CAPM, PMP, and Project Management Professional are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.)


If you're studying for the PMP exam, this new edition of "Project Management for Dummies" will clarify many of the concepts, without being "dumbed down" as much as the popular "Head First" book, which includes a huge amount of white space and overly large cartoon illustrations.

The Dummies book explains things in simplified terms, which means the language of this book and the language of PMI's PMBOK are different. However at the end of each chapter there is a table summarizing the topic, cross referencing that chapter with where to locate the analogous information in the 5th edition PMBOK, and stating PMI's terminology for what has just been reviewed. (You can see examples of the table format, "Relating This Chapter to the PMP Exam and PMBOK 5" in Amazon's "Look Inside This Book" preview.)

This is a good supplemental reference for anyone studying for their PMP certification. It allows the student to easily locate and review explanations of the information presented in the PMBOK, and includes helpful Quick Reference material for things that have to be memorized, such as formulas.

The Dummies book explains _concepts_ nicely, but if you're studying for the PMP exam you should still use at least one other reference / study guide specifically geared to test takers; the books by Rita Mulcahy, Andy Crowe, or Kim Heldman are considered the best. These study guides include more in-depth analysis, specific terminology, and practice test questions.

Using "Project Management for Dummies" plus the PMBOK would not have prepared me sufficiently to pass the exam. However, as someone who has already passed the PMP, I find this book is an excellent quick reference tool on Project Management.

I bought this having accepting a new role leading a major HRIS implementation after been away from project management for a while. It was the only guide I have referenced and between this text and good common sense, I have been completely equipped for the project. When comparing this to other books, this stands out because it covers not only the technical aspects of project management, but also the equally, if not more, important "soft skills" that through my years seems to be the difference-maker between good and great project managers. Sections with titles like "Reacting Responsibly When Changes are Requested", "Can you hear me? - listening actively", etc. are good examples of what makes this book great. Simply put, this is a complete and BALANCED text to prepare you and guide you through your next project - big or small. My copy is now dog eared and ragged as it travels in my commuter backpack every day.

Musical Aura Island
A simple rendering of materials from a lot of other sources, which is of course what most Dummies books are. A good place
to start for those with no background in this way of looking at or designing a business model and how to apply this knowledge.
It's worth the read and is not complicated. Read this, and if more is needed, move on to more advanced topics. Enjoy !

I have been a PMI Certified PMP for several years. I bought this book as a desk reference. Easy to find material and covers the essentials well. Great as a desk reference. If anyone is thinking about using it as a PMP Certification study guide, I would definitely say no, that is not it's purpose.

Lots of pages to state the obvious. When will the "How to Authors" learn that think books are only useful if chocked full of details or examples, not simply filling pages with "more of the same in different words". They are up front in that this book will help you pass the Project Management exams.

This is a great product! I love how they use real world examples but still reference the PMBOK. It is less dry and boring compared to the PMBOK. I would recommend this product to anyone (beginner or experienced) in the project management profession.

I bought this book because I wanted to learn the basic terminology of Project Management Professionals. I had been working as a Project Manager for smaller companies for several years, and I wanted to make the leap to bigger companies. The terminology I learned from the book helped me communicate my skills and experience to recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers, and get a great job. As with all 'Dummies' books, this is not an in-depth analysis but a crash-course.

I bought this before I jump into a project management certification course. And this is a good quick run though.