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Good Cop/Bad Cop: The True Story of Murder and Mayhem

Good Cop/Bad Cop: The True Story of Murder and Mayhem by Rebecca Cofer - Dartt

ISBN10: 0882820885
ISBN13: 978-0882820880
Author: Rebecca Cofer - Dartt
Book title: Good Cop/Bad Cop: The True Story of Murder and Mayhem
Publisher: New Horizon Press; English Language edition (April 10, 1994)
Language: English
Category: True Crime
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Rating: 4.7/5
Votes: 716
Pages: 200 pages

Good Cop/Bad Cop: The True Story of Murder and Mayhem by Rebecca Cofer - Dartt

When the Harris family was found brutally murdered, chief investigator David McElligott began an investigation and breathed a sigh of relief when the police's rising star, David Harding, found the murderer's fingerprints and solved the case in just six weeks.However, McElligott suspected Harding was not a hero and continued his own private investigations. Two years later, federal authorities announced Harding had falsified evidence and perjured himself to bring about a conviction.


GOOD COP, BAD COP tells the story of the 1989 Harris family murders committed by Michael Kinge in an upscale area of Ithaca, New York.

Although, at first, state police investigators ran short on leads to who could commit such a horrendous crime only days before Christmas, with diligence and determination, eventually they landed on the doorstep of Michael Kinge, aka Anthony Michael Turner.

Following a fatal shoutout between police and Kinge, and the arrest of his middle-aged mother, Shirley, the residents of Ithaca breathed a sigh of relief and again felt safe in their homes.

Yet, their relief was short lived thanks to one rogue, glory-seeking cop: David Harding.

Following an unsuccessful job interview with the CIA, and two years after the conviction of Shirley Kinge for the murders of the Harris family, it came to light that Harding had fabricated evidence.

The ultimate question: Just how many of those convicted would walk free? How many killers would be released because an narcissistic cop? The town of Ithaca and the State of New York again held their breath while awaiting the answer!

This is an excellent, true crime read. Offering a real inside view into the workings of a criminal investigation and how it can take only one cop to bring an investigation to its knees.

Murder, planted evidence, deception ... are all part of "Good Cop/Bad Cop" - a true story of murder and mayhem - by Rebecca M. Cofer with David McElligott. Two days before Christmas in 1989, the murders of the Harris family in Dryden, New York (near Ithaca) was eerily similar to Truman Capote's story, "In Cold Blood." Warren and Dolores Harris, their daughter, Shelby, 15, and their son, Marc, 11, were bound, blindfolded, shot and killed. The primary suspect, Michael Kinge, then doused the house with gasoline and set a fire before he fled. Credit cards taken from the Harris home were used during a shopping spree by Michael Kinge and his mother, Shirley. On Feb. 7, 1990, Michael Kinge died in a shootout with New York State Police at an apartment he shared with his mother. Trooper David L. Harding, a rising star in the state police, charmed the press with his stories about how he befriended Shirley Kinge at her workplace and secured her fingerprints which led to her arrest. Harding said her fingerprints were found at the murder scene. Kinge, convicted of burglary and arson, was sentenced to 17 to 44 years in prison. Two and a half years later, she was released from prison. Investigators found that her fingerprints were planted at the crime scene. She had never been at the Harris' home. Author Rebecca M. Cofer provides an in-depth look at the murders and the deception that led to Kinge's arrest and a state police officer's downfall. The story builds slowly, first telling the background of the community and of the victims. (I was a reporter at WHEN-AM radio near Syracuse and covered part of this story and the trial that followed. The facts that emerged shook me, but a newspaper editor told me: "The truth will emerge. Not instantly and always, but it will emerge.")

good book

Hidden Winter
Gave as a gift. The recipient loved it.

This is one of the most gruesome events to happen in the Ithaca area.
Living very near Ithaca, I remember this tragedy as if it happened yesterday.
Most people were very pleased with the diligence with which the NYS Police conducted the investigation, and the subsequent attempted arrest of Michael Kinge.

I remember the outrage when Shirley Kinge sued NYS and won because of a over zealous cop.
This is a must read book, you will not be able to put it down.


Just as advertised!